Kaneyo Loyalty One Logistics Co., Ltd.|Services
Freezer / Ultra-low Temperature Cold Storage Warehousing

Warehouses provide product storage at -30℃ with coil-type refrigeration

Picking in cargo handling area with set temperatures

Thorough management with ISO9001 and ISO22000

Small volume products are managed with moveable racks

The windless environment prevents deterioration of products (drying, decolouration) and products do not become dusty.

Product defrosting is prevented in a temperature-controlled processing area sealed off from external air.

International standard hygiene management of products and facilities.

Can handle product item best-before date management.

Cargo Handling Contractor

Container unloading and separating and sorting work

We respond to customer needs with the know-how we have cultivated to date and we can work both speedily and accurately.

Regular availability of cargo handlers is ensured.

Transportation Agency

We will arrange transportation of our customers’ products to the required address.

We can act as an agent to reduce the burden on customers.

We can conduct deliveries with our cargo delivery service.

Bonded Warehouse

Inbound/outbound transfer and storage management for international cargo

NACCS system subscription

Import/export work and in-house customs clearance in bonded warehouse-certified facility.

Realization of reliability and facilitation of bonded business practice through subscription to NACCS system.

Frozen Processing Contractor of domestic seafood

Rapid frozen processing of marine products landed in domestic

D/B and bag filling

Product freshness is preserved and speedy processing is possible with complete frozen processing equipment and facilities.

Customer product deterioration is prevented as processed products are also frozen in this room.

Manufactured Ice Sales

Sale and distribution of ice-crushers

Hygiene Management with our Ice-manufacturing Equipment

General Warehousing / Logistics Ancillary Work

Picking for shipping

Best-before date printing

Packing and re-packing

Detection of metals in products with metal detector

Initial processing

Complete with work areas for pre-shipping and primary processing.

Response to work requests with complete metal detection.

Regular availability of workers is ensured.

Please feel free to discuss any issues you may have so that we can provide consistent logistics services.