Kaneyo Yamanobe Suisan|Philosophy

Opening up to movement precisely because it is a difficult era

Since our company was founded in 1918 in Shiogama City, Miyagi Prefecture which is famous as one of Japan’s largest fish ports, we have put all our efforts into responding promptly and accurately to customers’ requests as pioneering fish merchants and we have built up our reliability.
The company will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2018. This corporate approach has been unchanging since the company was founded and all staff members make great efforts every day aiming to provide even more high quality products, information and services based on the strategy of Kaneyo – for all your fish how to requests. The environment surrounding our fisheries industry is going through drastically, quickly changes on a global and we are currently in a harsh and difficult era.
However, precisely because we find ourselves in this kind of era, we will not content ourselves with just maintaining the status quo; we also intend to challenge ourselves in new businesses and to continue our unceasing efforts as the Kaneyo Group as a whole to respond to the diverse needs of our customers.
As a group we have already obtained ISO9001 certification for our international management system and ISO22000 and HACCP certification for our safety and security improvements for food hygiene in order to become a truly international company that aims for even further improvement.
We are challenging ourselves in new businesses while further enhancing group diversity, accuracy and safety and with the completion of our new multi-functional headquarters facilities in the summer of 2010 and the launch of operations at our new plant in the spring of 2014 in order to become company that continues to grow over the next 10 or 20 years and long into the future.
In order to co-exist with and mutually prosper in this uncertain era and in order to develop the fisheries industry which is a key local industry, we intend to continue to develop our businesses with all our might always keeping in mind the spirit passed down from previous generations of having a strong heart to face up to any kind of adversity and to always be willing to tell yourself to keep on going.


June, 1918
Company founded with the aim of processing and selling seafood products
July, 1968
Kaneyo Yamanobe Suisan Co., Ltd. established
February, 1979
Headquarters and cold storage warehouses constructed
August, 1990
2nd freezing plant constructed
February, 2004
Refrigeration department spun off to form Kaneyo Sohsui Co., Ltd.
December, 2006
ISO9001 certification obtained by Kaneyo Yamanobe Suisan Co., Ltd. and Kaneyo Sohsui Co., Ltd.
July, 2010
New headquarters with fish plant constructed in Suginoiri, Shiogama City
August, 2010
Kaneyo Sohsui Co., Ltd. company name change to Kaneyo Loyalty One Logistics Co., Ltd.
January, 2011
ISO22000 certification obtained by Kaneyo Yamanobe Suisan Co., Ltd. and Kaneyo Loyalty One Logistics Co., Ltd.
April, 2014
Loyalty Ocean Co., Ltd. established
September, 2014
Kaneyo Yamanobe Suisan Co., Ltd. FDF(FOOD DEVELOPER FACTORY) established and construction completed
August, 2015
HACCP certification obtained by Kaneyo Yamanobe Suisan Co., Ltd.